Premium Hosting Network Infrastructure

Premium Hosting Network Infrastructure

Byet provides you with an ad-free load balanced free hosting service including PHP, MySQL, FTP, Vistapanel & more!..

Our Network...

We utilize top of the line Cisco Systems routers and switches which move your data in, around and out of the network to the Internet and back again because the Cisco name ensures security, reliability and proven superior network performance. But a network is nothing without bandwidth and connectivity which is why we utilize three separate redundant physical fiber optic rings to multiple carriers including Verizon Business, Global Crossing and Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner network.

Our Key Network Routes

We carefully choose our network routes such as those available from Global Crossing due to it being a leader in international networking and communications, Verizon Business which owns and operates the largest data network in the world, and Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner division which provides direct connections to our network to RoadRunner customers.

Network Reliability

Even with our great network there is still the inherent problem of the Internet being wholly unreliable in its own routing and if a router downstream drops the ball or the entire network goes down, you still need to have access to your site and your viewers still need to get to where they're going on it. Even if a link gets overly saturated and doesn't go down entirely, that's still wholly unacceptable for your site, your viewers and in turn, us.

Most hosting networks rely solely on BGP as their solution to the problem which sends messages and announcements out from their network that there are multiple paths to enter and exit from the network in the event of a failure but, BGP does nothing for load balancing, it doesn't keep network performance in mind in doing so and it does not care if the link it is telling people to use is currently suffering a 90% packet loss rate.

Our Solution to the BGP Problem

Unlike our competitors, we perform route optimization in which special optimization hardware and software continually probes destinations on the Internet to test for a number of performance and stability metrics. Our main focus in our metrics testing include latency, packet loss, and jitter among many, many other testing metrics; all of which are factored into a score that is then assigned to that link or destination.

In doing so we are then able to automatically select the most optimal route for that destination based upon the score assigned to that link or destination to ensure the fastest, most accurate and efficient delivery and response time for requests to and from that destination. This means that your site and content will have the most optimal route for the delivery to your viewers no matter what network they're viewing your site from anywhere in the world!

What if the route fails?

This would be all for nothing if we didn't take into account random network failures in the route after the route has been selected, for instance an intermediary router goes down, but that's the beauty of our process. Should something happen to break the optimal route from working, our optimization hardware automatically adjusts itself to the next best link with little to no delay in the processing and routing of requests.

Click the image illustrated on the left to see a detailed diagram showing our networks routes and connections


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