Premium Hosting Server Environment

Premium Hosting Server Environment

Byet (iFastNet) Premium Hosting provides you with more disk space, no daily hit limits, 256 Softaculous script installer and many more features not included in free hosting.

We rely upon the power of the open source Linux operating system to power not only our free hosting services but also our Premium Hosting services because of its security, scalability and reliability. The benefits to you as a user is the uptime, the reliability and the ability to run a plethora of scripts made to run within the LAMP* framework and since Linux is built to be stable and efficient, your sites will be flying!


We also provide you with the power of MySQL for easy database management (PostgreSQL is also available), which is the world's most popular open source database solution renowned for its consistent high performance, reliability and scalability.


Our servers would be nothing without having the best and by far the world's most popular web server, Apache dishing out your sites in the most efficient way! Apache is the most complete, customizable and open source HTTP server software available in the world and enables us to serve your site up to you, your visitors and the world at the simple click of a mouse!

PHP Framework

Also provided is complete and total access to the ever popular PHP Hypertext Processor which enables you to post to your blog, converse in your forums and so much more! Our PHP support has been rated to be the fastest in the world by third party independent reviews and is constantly and consistently being improved with each new release and upgrade.

Our Premium Hosting environment includes such settings as Safemode off, fsock enabled, GD image extension enabled, curl enabled, Perl CGI and Python CGI support and much, much more!

Current Server Versions:

We constantly upgrade server software to the latest versions. The above information was correct as of 22nd November 2007.

* = Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

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